April 22nd, 2010

I have to say that this class was unlike anything I have experienced in college- which is a good thing. Maybe the first quarter of the semester was a bit boring, given the amount and context of the required readings. I must say that I did not enjoy the readings all that much, simply because it felt like an extensive amount of work for a 100 level class. Also, in reflection, the last ¾ of semester made the first quarter seem that much more dull, because of how drastically the course changed. Perhaps I am complaining too much about the readings, which I admit were relative to the class, however, if you ask most students if they would rather read about the history of the mouse or essentially explore the dynamics of the internet on their own through different applications, I think that most would choose the latter. Having said that, I do think that some of the assigned articles should stay, just to give students a foundation of digital storytelling at the beginning of the course. I think that is what you were trying to achieve in the first place, however, the amount of time spent in that area should be shortened and the time for small projects should be expanded. Like you said, there is no concrete definition of digital storytelling, so why not spend more time creating our own definition?

I don’t know that I found any of our projects irrelevant or boring, and I hope that you will continue to use all of them because I feel that they brought a lot to the course. For me, the idea of digital identity became clear only because of these projects.

Audacity- I thought this was a great little project, and I liked the fact that we did it in class for two days in groups. That way, we could work out any technical problems and create a project with input from all group members. I would recommend this dynamic for future projects if possible, because I feel like this way we are getting the most out of our hour and fifteen minutes. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy when you lectured, but seeing as there was no test and no real need to take notes, I feel like that time could have been used doing more of these in class assignments.

Also, I thought the interviews were great, but I didn’t get to hear as many as I wanted to. Maybe we should have presented them in class?

Jing- I enjoyed this project as well, however, I think the majority of people had problems uploading this. I definitely recommend doing this again, but I would make sure that you do a clear tutorial in class of how to upload it.

HTML- Ok, I think this was a problem for everyone. Its not that I don’t think it was a good idea, but writing code is complicated and I just don’t feel that students were prepared to do this. I don’t want to say scrap it, but is it possible to make it a little easier?

The other little projects, flickr, prezi, finding digital stories- I though these were right in line with what this class was supposed to be about. I would say keep looking for more applications like these.

I am glad I chose to do a late night comedy blog for my digital story. I really enjoyed doing it, because I am so interested in it. If I had any recommendations, I would say to encourage students to do something that they are interested in, and to emphasize that this does not have to be traditional story, and that it is really not confined to any definition. It can be whatever that person wants.

Also, it would be helpful to include a tutorial about how to spice up the background of our blogs. I never understood how to personalize my theme and I would have definitely liked to. Maybe that should be an assignment for future classes.

In closing, I would say that this was a fun class and a rich experience. It was different because it allowed me to explore different applications in my own way. I enjoyed that freedom, and it was because of that freedom that I got so much out of this class.


April 14th, 2010


March 30th, 2010

It may take a while to load

An easy way to convert audacity……

March 16th, 2010

just click “export to mp3” in the file menu of audacity. then save it to your desktop and drag it into itunes. To play on your blog, do a new post and click the music icon. Add your mp3 and make sure you select Audio player just before you click insert into post


March 16th, 2010

Audacity w_ Gary Busey[audio:|titles=Audacity w_ Gary Busey]


March 6th, 2010


February 22nd, 2010

Still working on a WordPress Feed…. Found some flickr ones


February 22nd, 2010


Flicker is cool to me for this reason:

I can take a shot of something, anything, a finished plate of food, a garbage can, my muddy car, and they will not have any real meaning or use to me. However, if I add these pictures to flicker, they will be relevant or have meaning to someone else. For example, when we were assigned to create a digital story, I searched flicker for pictures that I could use. Maybe I wanted to find a picture for a muddy car, and I find one and put it in my story. The picture has then taken on a whole new life, a new meaning and a new use. I think this captures the internet in a nutshell quite nicely. The idea of collaboration and bringing ideas together and then expanding on them is perfectly illustrated, and it is very cool to know that you are part of something like that.

So, here goes some pictures that maybe don’t mean too much to mean, but they might mean a whole lot to someone else.

Here are some images that I liked from flickr

Cool underwater balloons that kind of look like jellyfish

Cool Balloons Underwater

Sad Hamburger

cool burger

Landscape, just where I want to be

Cool Curved Scottish Road with Trees

FINAL PROPOSAL (If its approved)

February 19th, 2010

I have decided that would really like to write a monologue maybe two times of the week in the style of late night shows. I will discuss whatever is in the news, then have a punch line at the end (or something similar to that). I could have different segments, like for example i could have weekly installments going something like, NOW ITS TIME FOR THIS WEEK IN CELEBRITIES!

I would much rather do this instead of my previous ideas.

Another idea

February 17th, 2010

i don’t know about my previous idea, for the sole reason that i am not experienced in video editing. My next idea would be a blog by an alternate persona, but it would basically be a blog about the things that i wanted to say to people when i didn’t. We’ve all had that, when we held back and didn’t say what we really wanted. Also, i would like it to include random comments on different situations that i run into during the day. I would call it “What i should have said/ Why is it that…..”
Im a huge seinfeld fan and think that would be a major influence. For example, George Costanza asks Jerry, “what goes on at flee markets?” to which jerry responds “you think there’re flees there, don’t you biff?”

is that clear?
can it be a little bit vulgar?